by Marissa Venter, January 16, 2016

Frequent Questions

I really love your work. How do we book you?
In order for us to schedule your date in our calendar, a R5000 NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee is required before your date is saved. We also provide a contract with all essential info regarding your wedding and your chosen package. This contract is mandatory to sign; this protects both parties during the wedding agreement.
How long after the wedding can we expect our photos?
Post processing and album design can take up to 4 weeks depending on the workload and schedule of the photographer. After this period you will receive a digital album proof. Once all changes have been done and approved, the album is sent to the printer where it takes 3-4 weeks. Please be patient during these few weeks as quality is far more important to us than quantity. Our albums are hand-made and professionally bound. In total the process can take between 8-12 weeks.
How many photographers are present on my wedding day?
I attend every wedding with an assistant. The assistant helps to make my job easier but does not take any photos on standard packages. The assistant can be upgraded to a second shooter as an add-on option.
Will the groom also be photographed whilst getting ready?
Should you choose a second shooter as part of an add-on, the groom’s preparations will always be captured. If you do not add a second shooter, groom-prep will only be done if time allows it. In these cases, the groom will be photographed early in the day before the bride.
Should you be added to the seating plan?
We always appreciate being seated for dinner. We also prefer being as close to the action as possible, and would recommend, if at all possible, seating arrangements for two (2). We cannot be held responsible for missing any special moments should we be seated outside of the reception venue.
How many photos do we receive?
We never give an exact amount per wedding couple. Some weddings run late and some are perfectly on time. We do however provide the minimum amount suggested per wedding package booked.
Will we receive the original/raw image files?
We do not hand over the raw files to any shoot. These are uncompressed files that we have not yet processed and retouched according to our look and style.
What are the key elements to getting great wedding photos?
Please make sure that the bride is ready 60 minutes prior to leaving for the ceremony. This ensures we have enough time to capture beautiful bridal portraits alone and with bridesmaids and loved-ones. Your bridesmaids and loved-ones need to be ready before you, so they look good on camera when they help you into your dress. Make sure your make-up artist starts with your make at least 2 hours prior to leaving for the ceremony. Darker rooms look romantic, but not so much on camera. We love light! When choosing a venue, keep in mind we need as much light as possible for beautiful photos. If you are using fairy lights as part of your décor, please ensure that they are all the same colour. Mixing warm-white and cool-white fairy lights makes it very difficult to balance colour on camera. We always suggest going for the warm-white option (unless you have a winter wonderland theme).
Do you travel for weddings?
The thing we love most about our job is the chance to travel to share in our clients’ special day. We will gladly travel locally or internationally. Should this be required, we will need all the information to create a tailored quote.
What should we wear to our shoot?
I've created a blog with some tips on what to wear.