by Marissa Venter, February 9, 2017 , In Engagement Shoots

Kyle & Lindsay’s glamorous African safari engagement shoot at Glen Afric

Kyle and Lindsay are getting married in just under a month and I cannot wait to share in their magical Greenleaves wedding. If their engagement shoot is anything to go by, their wedding is going to be incredible.

Lindsay met me at Tracey and Damian’s wedding where she was one of the bridesmaids. On our first meeting at my studio she and Kyle had already told me they wanted to do a shoot that involved safari and wild animals and my head had already gone into overdrive thinking of all the amazing possibilities.

We finally ended up booking a shoot at Glen Afric in Hartebeespoort and got a chance to meet 3 gorgeous gentle giants. It was my first time being so up close to an elephant and the feeling was simultaneously terrifying, amazing and invigorating. Kyle and Lindsay really made the most of it and did such a great job interacting with the elephants and embracing the unstructured fashion of shooting with a wild animal. They were not scared at all and we got such amazing moments. To top it all of, Lindsay was wearing one of my all time favourite Silver Swallow designs!

When the elephants decided they had enough, they walked off and Kyle and Lindsay saw that as the perfect opportunity for a quick outfit change.

Thank you so much Kyle and Lindsay! I loved every moment of this shoot and I am super excited for your wedding next month!

Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_1 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_2 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_3 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_4 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_7 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_5 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_6 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_8 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_10 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_11 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_9 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_12 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_13 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_14 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_15 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_16 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_17 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_19 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_18 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_20 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_21 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_22 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_24 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_23 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_28 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_25 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_26 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_27 Glen_Afric_Kyle_and_Lindsay_engagement_elephants_safari_30

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