by Marissa Venter, December 31, 2016 , In Weddings

twenty-sixteen in review

Its only a few more hours until we celebrate the beginning of 2017 and more importantly the end of 2016. No matter who I speak to, it seems that the overall consensus is that 2016 was a sucky year and many people will be glad that it is over. This week I took some time to go over all the weddings I shot in 2016 and compile a blog with all my favourite images from each wedding. This process has given me some time to reflect over my personal journey in 2016.

For myself, 2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year with many highs and lows. Lots of personal struggles but also some amazing growth on a personal and business level.

Studio40six had the opportunity to do a few location weddings and travel to the coast which was a first. I won three Admired in Africa awards which, to me, signified that my work is on a strong enough caliber to stand with other South African photographers who I admire. I also started some new exciting business ventures, made friends with many new suppliers in the industry and finally broke into the fashion industry.

In August this year I also got very ill and had to undergo a sudden surgery with a long recovery time which caused me to miss two weddings and fall behind with so much of my work. As a whole it was a hard couple of months and luckily I have many family and friends who were always there to help. Being able to trust my friend and second shooter Kyle from Bravo Photography to cover my weddings and always help out when I needed an extra hand was a real life saver. Somehow I am also super lucky to have the sweetest clients in the world and they were very understanding when it came to delays with the final products being delivered. I am glad for the hard times as well for pushing me to challenge myself and become not only a better photographer but also a stronger person.

2016 was also one of the busiest years I’ve experienced since starting Studio40six as it was the first year where I never had more that a 10 day period break in between weddings meaning that I never to a holiday during 2016. I am so grateful for being busy as I know of many photographers who were struggling to get work and I can truly say that God’s Grace is divine and that He is always looking out for me. I am looking forward to 2017 with hope and excitement as it is bound to be another year of firsts and challenges.

Thanks to all of family, friends and amazing 2016 clients for allowing me to live my dream and call my passion work. May 2017 hold the most amazing memories for everyone!

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