by Marissa Venter, November 14, 2016 , In newborn

Newborn: Meet Little Alexander

Sometimes in my line of work, one great wedding couple can bless you with clients for years to come. Nick and Laurie got married over two years ago and since then they have made me a part of their inner circle and I can truly call Laurie a friend. Krysta is another one of Laurie’s good friends whom I met first at Laurie and Nick’s wedding and now she contacted me 2 years later to do a newborn shoot for her second born.

Meet Little Alexander. Full name: Alexander Henry Jack Rust. He was born on the 31st of august 2016 and at 2.4kg and 46cm he is the tiniest baby I have ever photographed.

With his regal name, I decided it was fitting to photograph him like a little price. He even had a matching heirloom teddy (Frog Prince).

As tiny as he is, he is a feisty little boy who refused to sleep for too long and miss out on all the action going on around him. This meant that his session took quite a bit of time because wide-eyed babies don’t lie still in the cute position you have propped them in.

Krysta was the most relaxed mommy I have ever had in my studio and allowed me to take my time getting Alexander to sleep for each set.

Thank you for trusting me with your precious tiny little prince. I am sure he will soon become a strong leader!

newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_1 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_2 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_3 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_4 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_5 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_6 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_7 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_8 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_9 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_10 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_11 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_13 newborn_photography_jhb_little_alexander_14

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    • Laurie
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    • November 14, 2016

    Ahhh, sweet little angel! I love them... he is so cute, so little and so much hair and just so perfect!! xxx Marissa, as usual they are absolutely stunning! PS: You are an amazing photographer that is why all my friends use you not because you my friend;) xxx

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