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Little Madison Rae’s Newborn Shoot

Sammy contacted me long before Maddy was born because she wanted to make sure I would be available. She contacted me with a request I had never had before saying that she wanted a newborn shoot that also included her other children. She then explained that two of the children were furry ones: her doggies.

I love doing new things and was keen for the challenges it might present. Sadly, I got very ill close to her due date and had to go for surgery. Not wanting to take any chances, I told Sammy that it would be safer for her to book someone else and ensure she was covered once Maddy arrived.

Maddy arrived a few days after my surgery and I was glad that Sammy had booked someone else as a back-up. Once Maddy was 3 weeks old (much older than most of my newborns), I decided to give Sammy a call and suggest we do a shoot as well. I really wanted to do a newborn shoots with doggies. Sammy happily agreed and I did Maddy’s shoot the next day.

For the shoot, I traveled to Sammy’s beautiful home and took all my props and goodies with me. I thought that photographing the dogs in their own environment would be easier.

The shoot had many challenges; the doggies not being one of them. Maddy was a very light sleeper and would wake up instantly when we shifted or moved her into new positions. This made the shoot take a bit longer than usual. But Sammy was confident in my skills, and since we were at her house, they could relax and let me take the time I needed.

Time and difficulties aside, I think the shoot went very well and Im very happy with the results.

Maddy was a gorgeous model along with her sister and two doggy siblings.

Thanks Sam for the confidence and patience and giving me a chance to still do the shoot for you guys!


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    • November 7, 2016

    Look at all that hair! What a little sweetie. Great newborn photos.

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