by Marissa Venter, November 4, 2016 , In Engagement Shoots

Rosemary Hill Engagement session: Stephanie and Jannie

Stephanie an Jannie chose to do their engagement shoot at Rosemary Hill because the love that the Farm has so many different areas for pictures. They wanted variety in their shoot while keeping the same outdoor feel as their wedding venue Kuthaba Lodge. They both adore the african bush-veld and are (my kind of) down to earth, outdoorsy type people.

Stephanie and Jan met at work and their fame starting growing bigger and bigger until they started going out officially a year later. Jan fell in love with Steph’s beautiful smile. He also thinks that she has the most beautiful hands and so he decided to put a ring on it on evening at a bush-veld picnic in the Kruger National Park.

On the outside Jannie is quite the strong, manly man, but Steph reveals that he is just a giant teddybear on the inside. That together with his great sense of humor is what won over her heart!

We had a lovely time exploring the grounds and I really enjoyed how comfortable and relaxed they were in front of the lens.

I cannot wait for their bush-veld wedding next year!


rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_02 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_03 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_04 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_05 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_06 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_07 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_08 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_09 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_10 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_11 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_12 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_13 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_14 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_15 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_16 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_17 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_18 rosemary_hill_engagement_shoot_stephanie_and_jannie_19

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